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[[File:450px-Bi_flag.svg.png|thumb|The Bisexual Flag]]
[[File:450px-Bi_flag.svg.png|thumb|The Bisexual Flag|450x450px]]
Hello Bi Friends!
Hello Bi Friends!

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The Bisexual Flag

Hello Bi Friends!

Design and colors

Color bands as they appear on the flag

  •   Pantone Color #226--Magenta (Hex: #D70270) (RGB: 215, 2, 112)
  •   Pantone Color #258--Deep Lavender (Hex: #734F96) (RGB: 115, 79, 150)
  •   Pantone Color #286--Royal (Hex: #0038A8) (RGB: 0, 56, 168)


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